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Proposals for unconference sessions from THATCamp participants.

Session proposal: Fail Stories

Just as scientists prefer to publish positive results, discussions of digital humanities pedagogy tend to focus on success stories — great projects, student engagement, polished websites. But just as negative results are important to science, so that scientists don’t keep repeating the same fruitless experiments, negative pedagogical experiences are important for teaching. This session will […]

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Session Proposal: DH Tools and Platforms

My intention for this session is in part to engage in a conversation about sharing what types of tools have been used successfully or unsuccessfully with regards to mapping, timelines, and online exhibitions. I think, however, the conversation should also consider how to critically choose a tool that best supports the learning objectives and research […]

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Session Proposal: Teaching DH in the Online Setting

DH practitioners are accustomed to (and rapidly overcoming) suspicion from colleagues that practice traditional forms of research and dissemination; however, resistance to online education persists even among the DH community. This proposed Talk session about online DH pedagogies will build upon an unconference conversation at DHSI 2015 on DH and online education. Participants will confront […]

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