Elon Lang


I am interested in the intersection between the study of manuscripts and book production and the study of medieval reading and performance practices. My research is largely focused on Thomas Hoccleve, fifteenth-century English poet, whose works demonstrate the kind of "poetics of reading" that forms at such an intersection owing to their survival in Hoccleve's own handwriting - a unique circumstance for a medieval writer. I am editing a digital archive of material for the study of Hoccleve's texts that is part of the Texas Digital Library and I am developing chapters of my dissertation into journal articles. I teach literature topics classes and researched-writing for both the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas and the Liberal Arts Honors Program at UT-Austin. Some of my regular courses include "Satan and the Idea of Evil" (a survey of the literary history of the Devil including Dante, Marlowe, Milton, Blake, Goethe, Baudelaire, C.S. Lewis, and others) and "Drama in the Archives" (a course in which I teach undergraduates how to do original archival research on literature and drama at the Harry Ransom Center).

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